So I’m tinkering away with the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 Early Access when I realize that while there is an excellent and robust visual designer for Faces there seems to be nothing for Struts. Now I’m not a Struts bigot, but I have found it easier to make visually robust applications using Struts than using JSF. Also there’s still a lot of legacy code at customer sites thats all written in Struts.

Sadly my posting to the Sun Software Forums confirmed my fears…


JSC 2 does not have support for Struts at this point in time. An RFE has been filed on your behalf for the same. We thank you for your valuable feedback.


Nothing ‘cheer’ful about THAT news. So Java Studio Creator is being removed from my system as I type this. Whatever other neat tools it might have I need a tool that takes care of *all* of my developer needs. Eclipse is painful enough to configure for the different things I need (tho the MyEclipse Workbench does take a lot of the sting out).

Another reply piqued my interest tho:

If you need Struts support, you might check out NetBeans 5 which is currently in Beta.

Sure enough, Netbeans 5 claims to do Struts and support JBoss 4 (among other servers). Looks like it’s time to take another look at Netbeans…