File this under “it doesn’t get more ‘cool eye-candy’ than this”. Reveal is a firefox extension that creates thumbnails of your tabbed pages. Since I’m always using Firefox in mutliple tab mode this is perfect for me. The one bug I’ve found in the current (1.0.4) version is that if Reveal and Google Safe Browsing are used together you will have crashes when ever GSB blocks a page as a forgery. I’ve already contacted the author and he’s looking at how to fix it.Using it is simple. Install it, have a few tabs up, and Press Alt-` (that’s Alt and the backquote key).

Now that is dead sexy. What makes Firefox a great browser is the fact that the Mozilla group managed to make a powerful and still very extensible browser. Reveal is a great example of just *how* extensible a browser Firefox is.

Note at the bottom of the brower window when Reveal is running is a search bar. If you need to find something across all of your pages, just type into that search bar and the pages will be narrowed by that search criteria as you type.

There are lots of neat features to Reveal. To find them, you really just need to try it yourself.