So Borland’s developer tool division (formerlly referred to as DevCo) has become CodeGear – a wholly-owned subsidary of Borland. Apparently Borland couldn’t find a decent buyer so they decided to set the group up as their own shop. I think that’s probably the best of all possible outcomes.

The developer tools market is a bit of a stew these days. In fact most of the developer tools from 10 years ago are now gone! Borland is seeing a great deal of success in the application lifecycle management (ALM) tools and wants to focus their efforts in that arena. With this change CodeGear can now exist hopefully with a bit of autonomy from the rest of Borland and the people there can focus on what *they* enjoy which is making great tools. My worst fear was that Computer Associates or (god forbid) Corel would buy them. Those two companines and their “buy and bleed it out” attitude with the tools and products they aquire surely would have spelled the death of Delphi, JBuilder and C++ Builder. At least now I think developers will have something to be excited about and I wish the new CodeGear well.

So what does this mean for TeamB? We’re still TeamB… I was kinda hoping we’d be called TeamGear, but no such luck.. 😉

You can read about CodeGear here:
And you can find out more about the new developer tool offerings that are *free* here: