[Originally Posted 29-Sep-2004]

I don’t know why, but Microsoft hid Netmeeting in it’s Windows XP product. I don’t think malice was really intended, because it was hidden like an easter egg (not the software type – the hard boiled type). If malice was intended, it would have been outright removed from the product.

Anyway, after digging around I found the following steps to bring the hidden Netmeeting product out of your Windows XP installation..

  • Go to the Start menu and select Run
  • Type Conf and click OK.
  • After the NetMeeting configuration wizard starts, click Next.
  • Enter your personal details and click Next.
  • Select listing directory options and click Next.
  • Select your connection media and click Next.
  • Configure the shortcut options to your liking and click Next.
  • Click Next to configure volume options and Next again to confirm that the microphone works.
  • Click Finish.

Then you should have Netmeeting available to you.