[Originally Posted 28-May-2004]

Free is good. Here’s a couple of good and free eBooks..

Mastering EJB Second Ed. by Ed Roman et al

Everything I hated about the first edition Ed and his new co-authors fixed in this one. In the first edition, Ed wrote about everything for EJB 1.0 and then included EJB 1.1 as an appendix. It drove me nuts..! This book is as easy to read as stereo instructions. Everything is clearly laid out. Get the free version and the sample code – you’ll end up buying the printed version – just like I did.

Jakarta-Struts LIVE

I have no idea if this book is any good. I just found out about it. But free is better than paying for it only to find out it’s a turd, right?


Some kind soul put a list of all the free Java eBooks he could find online. Some of the links are dead (like the one for Mastering EJB) but it’s a good start.