OK, Windows isn’t all *that* bad. At least XP turned out OK. But now, if Vista is their future, this could be bad. Just read about the joke that went into making a 9 (yes, nine) step process just to shutdown Windows Vista.

From Moblog – The Windows Shutdown crapfest :

The most frustrating year of those seven was the year I spent working on Windows Vista, which was called Longhorn at the time.

In Windows, [the central repository approach for source management] model breaks down simply because there are far too many developers to access one central repository — among other problems, the infrastructure just won’t support it. So Windows has a tree of repositories: developers check in to the nodes, and periodically the changes in the nodes are integrated up one level in the hierarchy. At a different periodicity, changes are integrated down the tree from the root to the nodes. In Windows, the node I was working on was 4 levels removed from the root. The periodicity of integration decayed exponentially and unpredictably as you approached the root so it ended up that it took between 1 and 3 months for my code to get to the root node, and some multiple of that for it to reach the other nodes.

I can see why this guy went to Google.