I love Google’s Blogger Web Comments Addon for Firefox. But with the release of Firefox 2.0, Google hasn’t made an update for the tool yet. Here’s a workaround.

– Download the XPI file for Google Web Comments at http://dl.google.com/firefox/google-webcomments.xpi

Open the google-webcomments.xpi file with WinZip or WinRAR (it’s just a ZIP file) and edit install.rdf file. Change the <em:maxversion> tag so that Firefox 2.0 thinks it’s compatible:


Put the install.rdf file back at the root of the google-webcomments.xpi file.

Now, we’re not quite done. Google has put checksum data in the XPI file to stop this kind of modification. We need to delete that checksum data. So remove the META-INF folder from the XPI file by selecting the folder and pressing delete.

Now start Firefox 2.0, select File | Open File. And select the google-webcomments.xpi file.

Restart when prompted.

You’re done.

If you haven’t heard of Google’s Blogger Web Comments Tool you can find out more at