[Originally Posted 30-Oct-2005]

I’m not using Borland Together Eclipse Edition version 7 right now so I decided to un-install it. Upon running the uninstall program for Together EC, I got this rather useless error from the uninstall program:

Windows error 3 occurred while loading the Java VM.

It turns out that the reason is because after installing Together I had installed JDK 5. The older uninstall and the newer JDK don’t play nice together. But I found a fix – of all places on the HP Dev Resource Central forum.

At a command prompt run the following and you should be fine:

C:> “C:BorlandTogetherECUninstallerDatauninstall.exe” LAX_VM “C:jdk1.5.0_03binjava.exe”

Use whatever path you have your JDK 5 installation set for and you should be able to uninstall without an issue.