The short answer is because of this entry to the Princeton JUG head’s Java Dev Journal blog:


I personally do not even have time to try it even if they’d given it to me for free.

So, this “review” is nothing more than complaining about the price tag. This COULD be a great IDE but it doesn’t matter to Yakov. The price alone is what is putting him off. Keep in mind that Yakov is the leader of the Princeton JUG – and a shill for IDEA. He is such an IDEA bigot that he gives away free licenses at every meeting. Later in a followup comment his ignorance of Eclipse-based tools is apparent:

Malcolm, I am comparing apples to apples – you can get Eclipse with WTP for free with great tools for enterprise development.

On it’s own, the WTP stinks. It’s beyond awful. It’s difficult to use and bug-ridden. Even the Eclipse group considers it basically a “Reference Implementation” for vendors to extend and improve on. That’s why many people actually pay for MyEclipse (for example) which takes the WTP and makes it palpable. And the above comment makes it painfully clear that Yakov doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Now, to his credit, IDEA is a great IDE for the money. However if I were Jetbrains I’d distance myself from this joker.
I can’t say I’m thrilled with a 2000 dollar price tag for JBuilder 2007. I’m not. None of the other competitors have a price tag remotely close to that. I fear CodeGear has priced themselves out of the market. However, putting marketing hype aside there are some excellent EJB development tools in the new JBuilder, as well as the outstanding Together UML and OptimizeIt products. OptimizeIt in JBuilder Enterprise leaves the free Eclipse profiling tools in the dirt. There’s no comparison.

Granted – I am a member of CodeGear’s TeamB – but I’m no ones disciple. There are some great tools in JBuilder 2007 but there are excellent alternatives for every budget. I recommend looking at them and determining what’s best for your needs.