I just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.1. Overall it wasn’t too bad, however, it had its quirks.

The biggest issue I had was with the codethot_get_links() function. It’s used to display the Blogroll, Links and J2EE Reference areas on the right of this page. Instead of reading the link_category field in the codethot_links database it’s reading the codethot_categories table for the Blog links category. The codethot_link2cat table now manages the relationship between the codethot_links and codethot_categories. Personally I find the change a bit odd, but I’m sure someone had a good reason… no.. really.. I’m sure they did… Ok.. maybe not..

Anyway, to determine your new category ID calls go into your blog admin tool. Click on the Blogroll link and hover your mouse cursor over each of the categories in the Categories column. Copy the URL link and you’ll see something like this..


That new cat_id is the ID you want to use in your get_links call:

<?php get_links ( 12,  '<li>',  '</li>',  '',  FALSE,  'name',  FALSE,  FALSE,  -1,  FALSE ) ; ?>

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