Got a Windows Mobile 5 device? Got a Mac? Better not upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 just yet.

On Friday T-Mobile made available their upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash to Windows Mobile 6. Without hesitation I jumped online, downloaded, and installed it onto my new Dash.

Bad idea.

With using a Mac there are additional challenges for using Windows Mobile devices. For instance – Microsoft doesn’t make an ActiveSync product for the Mac. Enter a product made by a company called Mark/Space: The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

The Missing Sync is a great product that quickly and easily syncs up your phone with iCal, Address Book, and it has several other nice features.

However, it doesn’t work with Windows Mobile 6 – at least not yet. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to actually *check* this before I upgraded. That’s my own fault. Unlike in the PalmOS world, each time Windows Mobile gets upgraded they change the datastores and break anything that’s a non-Microsoft-written sync tool. And I forgot about that.

So, after some digging around I found the original Windows Mobile 5 ROM for the Dash and downgraded. I won’t put the URL here where I found it – but some google searching or searching the Mark/Space forums and you’ll be able to find it. In retrospect, Windows Mobile 6 doesn’t really give you that much and honestly seems *slower* than Windows Mobile 5. I think I’ll leave the Dash at version 5 for a while longer.