You have to admit there’s some really great talent at Apple. One of the problems with GIMP (if you can even get newer versions to compile) is a nasty bug that crashes the application because of an interaction with the X11 libraries. Fortunately the X11 developers at Apple don’t want to leave us Leopard users until the next update to get this new code.

Updated libX11 binary — Gimp crash fix

libX11-1.1.2 contained a bug that causes Gimp (and anything else that uses gtk) to crash when calling XGetMotionEvents; this bug affected all platforms…

You can find out the details at the XDarwin Wiki at X.Org:

Now for those of you who are going ‘what is X11?’. It’s the libraries that Unix systems used to display windows, buttons, and other assorted GUI goodness on screen. It’s been around since 1984. It’s the foundation of the Linux GUIs currently in use and without it I think we’d all be still using character-based terminals and the world would certainly look very different. It was a huge step forward in human-computer interaction. And when Steve Jobs saw it he gleaned much of it for the first version of the Mac OS.

You can read more here:

…Now to just blog about building a newer version of GIMP in Leopard