If you’re a Java developer with a Mac you’ve probably heard that Java 6 isn’t available from Apple yet. And Apple’s not talking about when it will be available. You’ve probably also heard about Landon Fuller’s SoyLatte Project. After reading Fabrizio Giudici’s blog about his experience getting Netbeans working with SoyLatte I decided to spend a few cycles and try it out.

SoyLatte, given how quickly it’s come together, is excellent. The applications I’ve tried out so far were JBoss 4.0.5 and jEdit.

JBoss – in my brief testing – has so far worked well. No I haven’t tried a full database-enabled CRUD test, but simple JSP-based web apps work fine and JBoss didn’t appear to generate any errors during initialization. The really interesting part is how fast the server is. Pages recompile and display so quickly you don’t see a delay.

As for jEdit.. I’ll let that speak for itself…

jEdit Snapshot

EDIT: 2007-12-02 18:40:13 And here’s the Java SwingSet demo in SoyLatte…

SwingSet Demo ala SoyLatte