There are times when I wish what happens in Vegas would STAY in Vegas. This is one of those times. Borland CEO Tod Nielsen presented this Borland Sales Kick Off Video for the 2008 year. It’s him in all his tone-deaf karaoke glory singing “I Come To You With Open Alm” to Journey’s “Open Arms”.

All I can say after watching this is I would rather be killed by the same horse that killed “Mr Hands”, in the same way that Mr. Hands was killed, then be subjected to this video again. This is so far past suck that the light FROM suck will take about 1 million years to reach it.

And Borland must know it sucks too because they turned off all comments and rating for the video.

To the Borland Board of Directors: As a stock-holder all I can say is if you really think presenting this was a good idea – then Borland is so far past doomed it is beyond hope. You should immediately and without hesitation ask for Tod’s resignation and ask – no BEG – for Dale Fuller to come back.