With the shipment of the T-Mobile G1 there’s now an ever-expanding base of users on the new Google Android Platform. If you are an application developer this is an excellent platform to develop on with a bright future ahead of it.

Here’s some development resources to help get you started:

  • The Android HomePage
    This is where it all begins. You can get the SDK here, find out what Android can do, and even take your first steps writing the classic Hello, World application.

  • anddev.org – Android Development Community and Tutorials
    Arguably the best Android development resource to date. With tutorial videos and lots of sample applications and projects to work from. As well as a friendly and supportive community.

  • Android Discussion Groups from Google
    These are Google’s own discussion groups. Topics support beginner-level questions, experienced android developers, OS Internals, security, etc.

If you’re looking for general Android discussions outside of development-related chat check out the Android Community at http://androidcommunity.com/