First details of the next Android release code-named “Cupcake” have emerged. Some of the more interesting changes include:

  • MMS improvements including speed enhancements to messaging app and being able to save photo attachments (finally)
  • Video recorder support for the camera and gallery
  • Too many fixes to the email app to mention here.
  • Stereo Bluetooth

There’s lots of other changes and enhancements to virtually every other part of android. Prior to original statements about Cupcake, the updates have been merged into the master branch. Hopefully these will make it over to the G1 soon. Rumors on various websites and chat groups have mentioned a January release. I think that might be wishful thinking tho. Of course if you have Dev Phone 1, you can upgrade any time you like…

Source : Cupcake Roadmap Development Branch
More Details: Android Community Website