After a 26-year run that saw it adopt multiple personalities in going from influential to non-entity, the tools house that once challenged Microsoft and Lotus is being acquired by Micro Focus for $75 million cash, a buck a share.

Borland has been operating under an acting president since CEO Tod Nielsen, an ex-Microsoft star, jumped ship in January to join his old Microsoft colleague Paul Maritz at VMware as COO.

Gee, thanks Tod.  You totally trashed the value of what few shares I had left in Borland, and then jumped ship.  I really hope there’s a special place in hell reserved just for complete incompetents like you.  I wouldn’t waste the saliva to spit on you.  Hopefully you won’t destroy VMWare the way you destroyed Borland.

I will take this moment to remind my friends who were at Borland that I said this is exactly what would happen with him coming to the helm.  I was right.

Micro Focus Buys Borland | JAVA Developer’s Journal