It’s very sad to read this. The Solstice GXP is one of the best cars that GM has put out in the last 5 years. However, it’s not surprising given the bankruptcy of GM, and the announcement of Pontiac’s demise. But still, you’d think GM would want to sell these cars a *little* longer. Hopefully someone will consider buying the delaware plant and continue making this excellent car under a different moniker. It’s probably a naive hope, however.

To: Select Pontiac Dealers and Sales Managers

Subject: 2010 Model Year Solstice Orders Cancelled

On June 1st, GM announced the closure of the Wilmington Delaware plant which produces the Pontiac Solstice. All 2010 Solstice in-system orders will be cancelled today. All 2010 ordering materials in Order WorkBench and the On-Line Order Guide will be removed from the site. All 2009 Model Year Solstice orders have been received. Build out of the 2009 Model Year for Solstice will be July 28, 2009.