If you noticed an interruption to the blog or trying to email me it’s because I just changed all of my hosting and domain management to godaddy.com.  Now I’m not getting paid by them and I’m not going to post some ‘affilate link’ to them where I get a bonus if you sign up for service with them.  But what I AM going to say is that they’re probably the best hosting provider I’ve used since my original provider was bought.  Their prices are outstanding, their hosting feature set is excellent (they support WordPress, Ruby/Rails, and pretty much everything except Java/Tomcat/J2EE servers) and their technical support thus far has been second to none.

If you are looking for hosting or if you feel like you might be paying too MUCH for hosting (I certainly was) then I recommend you check out godaddy.com.  It’ll be worth your time.  It certainly was worth mine!