[Originally Posted 13-May-2004]

Once again the Open Source movement has a profound impact on the commercial Java market. Apparently the new Enterprise JavaBean spec (EJB 3.0) will be based on the Hibernate ORM system. Hibernate’s biggest reason for existance (in my opinion) was to show the JDO people how to do ORM (object-relational mapping) right. JDO is powerful – and too complex. Hibernate is very powerful with a robust query langage and a great aggregational model. It’s a fitting choice to base the new Entity Bean system on something that largely is Hibernate. The Hibernate group blogged this exact topic.

Link: Hibernate BLOG and EJB 3

Also session beans won’t need to use JNDI anymore – they’ll be POJOs and will be created using Dependency Injection as an alternative – something that groups like the Spring Framework group have been pushing. Sounds like EJB will finally arrive as a robust ORM tool in 3.0.

Don’t wait for EJB 3.0 to try out the Hibernate model. Hibernate is already here and can easily work alongside your EJB container as a replacement to Entity beans…

Link: The Hibernate Sourceforge Project