Here’s a fun article on the Ruby Forum where someone provided a simple benchmarking utility. Several posters (including me) have run this to see how well Ruby runs on their system relative to other posters.

	n = 1_000_000

	start_time =

	for i in 1..n
	  t = (1..10).inject {|x, y| x + y }

	finish_time =

	p t

	print "Ruby ", RUBY_VERSION, " patch ", RUBY_PATCHLEVEL, " on ",RUBY_PLATFORM

	print "It took #{finish_time - start_time} seconds to run."
	print " #{(n / (finish_time - start_time)).to_i} iterations per second.n"

The results are interesting… If you’re running a 3.0ghz Mac Pro you can shave about a second off of my time:


	Ruby 1.8.6 patch 0 on i686-darwin8.9.1
	It took 7.166756 seconds to run. 139533 iterations per second.

The original poster of the code didn’t fare so well


	Ruby 1.8.6 patch 0 on i386-mswin32
	It took 18.64 seconds to run. 53648 iterations per second.

How well does your system do?