For some reason the ROM Images for the Android Dev Phone 1 have the links missing from the main ADP-1 download site. When you go to You’re greeted with a table of ROM images and file names but the links have been removed:


(You can click on the image to see the full-size version of the table.)

After some digging around I found that someone on the Android Developer List has found that the files are still on the website, only the links to them have been removed from the ADP-1 page. Creating the URL links are simple enough. You just start them with and send with the file you want (i.e. The challenge here is that you cannot access those files directly, you have to be re-directed from If you’re a Linux or Mac user, this is solved with a simple shell script and the wget command. Modify the script for the ROM images that you want to download and you’re in business.

wget "--referer=$IDIOTS1" "$IDIOTS2/"
wget "--referer=$IDIOTS1" "$IDIOTS2/"
wget "--referer=$IDIOTS1" "$IDIOTS2/"

If you’re a Windows user, you can accomplish the same thing if you have Cygwin installed:

The script source for fetching the ROMs came from this discussion at The Android Developer mailing list. Thanks to Noah Tilton.