require: command not found in ruby

While I was getting some old Ruby code of mine out to convert ruby code to pretty HTML-formatted code suitable for blogging from Wolfman’s Howlings I got the following error:

$ ./ruby2html.rb 
./ruby2html.rb: line 9: require: command not found
./ruby2html.rb: line 10: require: command not found
./ruby2html.rb: line 11: require: command not found
./ruby2html.rb: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./ruby2html.rb: line 14: `    code=[0])'

Never saw this problem before, but obviously it was frustrating.

What had happened was I hadn’t deleted the tab spaces before the #!/usr/bin/env ruby line.

Apparently if there is any white space before the #!/usr/bin/env ruby the script will not run.

Swell.. 😐

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    • That is entirely dependent on the Ruby implementation you are using. For most standard installations the the prolog I showed (at the time of that writing in 2010) was the correct one and still should be today.